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Full payment of the total cost of spectacles should be completed before spectacles can be collected by the patient.

A 50% down payment on the cost of the spectacles must be made one time or in parts (the latter as agreed in the layaway plan) before work can commence in generating spectacles.

The layaway plan does not exceed three (3) months; therefore payment of optical merchandise must be paid within three (3) months. A breach of the agreement gives the company the right to retrieve the frame, while the lens would be kept away for such a time as the patient sees fit to collect them if payment made so far covers the cost of the lens, else until full payment is made. All outstanding payment above the cost of the already generated lenses will be converted to store credit for the patient’s future use.

Payment can be made via cash, debit cards (ATM cards), credit cards or cheques. All cheques should be made payable to Optimum Vision Ltd.

There is a regular 7-10 working days period, required for the spectacles to be processed, generated, and delivered. Patients will be called at such a time when the spectacles have been returned to the optical clinic from the optical lab.

Special orders, high prescriptions, and unforeseen circumstances can contribute to an extended delivery time close to 21 working days. The patients shall be periodically informed on the status of the spectacles at such instances.

The company has a no refund policy as the process of spectacle generation starts immediately after payment is made

Frames under warranty or brand name frames that shows defect after use within a short time or within the warranty period would be changed at no cost to the patient. The old one would be retrieved to be sent back to the frame manufacturer.

Patients are expected to put through their spectacles having conducted their eye exam in less than a year, if eye examination is over a year patients are advised to conduct another eye examination for their new spectacle. No reviews would be accommodated for spectacles generated with prescription over a year old.

During a pandemic, patients will be expected to follow all public safety guidelines as dictated by the government of Trinidad and Tobago’s public health advisory mechanism.  For example, wearing of masks and social distancing by patients and staff.

The clinic remains under 24hour surveillance for the safety of staff and patients.

Patient should ensure they receive an email confirmation for all appointments scheduled on our website before visiting the clinic. Patients are expected to stick to the time of their appointment for better traffic control in the clinic. Patients may be denied service, or delayed service to keep with maintaining health and safety.

Patients and their wards or caregivers are expected to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner to maintain the serenity expected in a clinic. Patient would be denied service if this is not adhered. Complaints can be directed to the management at info@optimumvisionltd.com